Working for Tectura

Mr. Gunnlaugsson demonstrated to be a highly dedicated member of the company who constantly manages both client relationships and internal stakeholders and team members at a very good level. He was able to set priorities and demonstrated excellent conceptual and analytical skills, both in client engagements and while driving internal initiatives. As a result of his structured preparation approaches, he was continuously and consistently able to deliver exceptional services. Mr. Gunnlaugsson was appreciated as an exceptional Senior Technical Architect, who exceeded both our clients and internal expectations. Our customers as well as his colleagues recognized him as a very competent person.

Mr. Gunnlaugsson was a well-integrated team member at Tectura. He was fully accepted by clients, colleagues and superiors. Mr. Gunnlaugsson achieved to integrate international project implementations on architectual level, assuring high quality output and customer satisfaction. Mr. Gunnlaugsson was both proactive and communicative with a strong focus on both client- and team results. He was an independent, self directed person who is able to meet even the most demanding challenges. Mr. Gunnlaugsson was extremely reliable, continously demonstrated an ‘above-and-beyond engagement and a strong sense of personal responsibility. Due to his expertise, his positive approach as well as his friendly manner, he was regarded very highly by managers and employees alike.

Staffan Nilson
Client Service Director


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