D365FO Monitoring

This document is merged from many Microsoft documents and explains the performance monitoring and diagnosing possibilities in D365 FO from tier2+ (dev), tier 1(UAT) and the Production environment. A specific focus in this document is the monitoring possibilities for the Production environment. This document will lead the reader step by step explaining what and how to use, for different scenarios. 

Target audience/users

This document is targeted for technical consultants and architects, developers, functional consultants and architects and super business users (IT people).

User access rights needed (end to end)

Admin rights are needed for the LCS project with privileges to run the needed monitoring tools in the LCS and to create a trace in the client web browser in the Prod environment.  Admin rights to use a dev box in the business environment (same code base as in the production environment) to analyse the trace when needed.  A fully configured Trace parser needs to be installed on the dev environment and access to the SQL database and to Visual Studio is needed. 

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